Spinners Disc Golf Leagues

NEWS & NOTES: Spinners Weekly Handicap @ Vista has resumed as of 5/13/21 **NEW Flex Start and Women’s division**

Monday – Sunday: Spinners Handicap Singles – UDISC LEAGUE @ Vista del Camino Park

Now you can SIGN-UP ONLINE, then join the FLEX START WEEKLY LEAGUE Facebook Group to find folks to play with and get league updates. The UDisc app is how we score leagues or events, find new courses, get course maps and more.

Weekly disc golf leagues are a great way to meet new folks and super fun for all skill levels! Flex start leagues give you multiple days for when you can play your league round and shotgun means everyone starts at the same time. Handicap leagues will take a certain number of rounds and average them out to determine winners. That way participants of all skill levels have a chance to win. Doubles leagues have 2+ players per team, some are bring your partner but most are matched at random. Typically doubles are Best Shot meaning both you and your partner throw and then your next shot is from the better of the two.