Lost & Found

Found a disc with a name and/or number on it, please bring it into Spinners, you’ll get $4 store credit or $2 cash and we’ll log it into our Lost & Found list! Check the list below if you put a disc in the drink or just left it out on one of the courses around PHX. We hold discs around 8 weeks from the date logged on list, and it’s ONLY $3 to get it back! See “NC” in the box next to your name? That means whoever turned it in didn’t take the store credit, so there’s NO CHARGE to get it back! If you no longer want the disc, please call us at 480-941-2513 and we’ll get it removed from the list.

We can ship your disc(s) back to you no problem at all, just click the Lost & Found Return, enter the details from the L&F list and we’ll get it shipped out to you quick. If you see a friend’s disc on the list, we are more than happy to ship together with their approval to save on shipping costs.