Spinners Loyalty Points

Earn Spinners Loyalty Points:

  • When you create an account – 100 SLPs
  • When you shop online at SpinnersontheGreen.com – 1 SLP per $1 Spent
  • When you review your purchases on SpinnersontheGreen.com – 100 SLPs

When you create your account on SpinnersontheGreen.com you will get your first 100 Spinners Loyalty Points (not to mention FREE Shipping @ $69!), then get 1 SLP for every $1 spent online. Watch for bonuses on certain products or days. Review your purchases and get another 100 SLPs!

Redeeming your Spinners Loyalty Points is super easy ($1 OFF for every 100 SLPs*) when you order online. You can see your point total on your My Account page & before checking out. There you will be able to decide how many SLPs to redeem towards your order. You can spend all or some of your points while shopping online or save them up for that big purchase you’ve been thinking about!

*Spinners Loyalty Points “SLPs” can be used towards discounts of online purchases only and themselves do not have a monetary value. Not all items purchased online will receive points, i.e.: Lost & found and certain events. Points are awarded at Spinners on the Green’s discretion & can be deducted if found to be fraudulently obtained. The Spinners Loyalty Points program can be cancelled at any time without any notice.

Here are some new and hot products for you to start racking up SLPs!