2021 DGA Tour Series


NEW DGA Tour Series models for 2021!

Limited Edition – Swirly ProLine Breaker’s and Hurricane’s or stiff, super clear “Ice” plastic Banzai’s. A portion of the proceeds go right to the DGA touring pros! Look for disc flight characteristics under the model you select below. All are going to be 170g and up.

Weight, disc & stamp colors will vary.


We’ll do our best to get as close as possible.

Spinners Says...

2021 DGA Tour Series :

The artwork for each disc was created by Thought Space Athletics in collaboration with each player and sales go towards helping them out on tour!


Weight7 oz
Skill Level (Speed)

Early Right Turn

Hangtime (Glide)

Left Fade

2021 DGA Tour Series

Matt Bell Banzai, Shasta Criss Hurricane, Trevor Harbolt Breaker



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