2021 Discraft Tour Series


The 2021 Discraft Tour Series is taking the super durable Elite Z material and adding some awesome, pearlescent glitter effects. Disc flight characteristics will be shown under the model you select below.

Weight, disc & stamp colors will vary.


We’ll do our best to get as close as possible.

Spinners Says...

2021 Discraft Tour Series:

Each model has an Elite Team member’s name and the 2021 Discraft Tour Series is made in a unique sparkle Elite Z material! A portion of the proceeds go towards helping the pros on tour!!


Weight7 oz
2021 Tour Series Models

BuzzzSS – Tim Barham, Comet – Michael Johansen, Fierce – Paige Pierce, Force – Andrew Presnell, Heat – Hailey King, Luna – Paul McBeth, Meteor – Vanessa Van Dyken, Nuke – Ezra Aderhold, Raptor – Paul Ulibarri, Undertaker – Missy Gannon, Wasp – Adam Hammes, Zone – Brian Earhart



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