Kwik Stik – InZone


Up a tree, over a fence or in the water (even floaters!)…Kwik Stik is the best disc retriever for any situation!

***2021 Upgraded Versions***

XL: Now includes a threaded patented Framehead and basic hook! Has better stainless steal and is shorter when not extended.

Mini: Basic hook now screws into pole, is shorter and same stainless steel material as XL!

Spinners Says...

Designed by PDGA Hall of Fame member Lavone Wolf; Kwik Stik is great at getting discs out of the water hazards around Phoenix! We have grabbed discs that were over fences and knocked stuck discs out of trees. You can reach out 10′ with the Mini and use it’s hook to get under the rim. The Kwik Stik XL gives you a 14′ reach and has a patented rectangular screw-on Framehead to snag your disc and NEW in 2021 the basic hook too! They both telescope down to smaller now to around 17″ and are around a 1″ diameter making them compact enough for any bag.

These are the best retrievers we have tried at Spinners and what we give to our volunteers during the Shelly Sharpe Memorial and Memorial Championship!


Kwik Stik Size:

Mini (10'), XL (14')


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