Spinners Custom Discs


Just received more Spinners Baseball Logo stamps (October 2021), select from available models below!

Limited Edition models/materials are marked with *, like the DX Color GLOW Aviar3!

2x Spinners Loyalty Points Bonus with purchase!


Color and Weight Preference

Add your preferred weight and color,  we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Spinners Says...

The Spinners Custom Discs are typically available on popular models and limited editions from various manufactures. We like to cycle multiple designs but lately it’s been tough getting custom stamped discs just like stock ones! We’ll do our best to have something available with one Spinners on the Green logo or another!!

2x Spinners Loyalty Points Bonus with purchase!


Weight7 oz
Available Models

CryZtal Challenger*, Z Archer, Z Comet, Z Punisher, ESP Vulture, Luster Champion Aviar3*, Luster Champion Destroyer*, Shimmer Star Destroyer*, Luster Champion Leopard3*, Shimmer Star Shryke*, DX Roc, DX Avair, DX Dragon, ColorGlow DX Aviar*, KC Pro Aviar, KC Pro Aviar3*, Champion Mako3, Star Destroyer, Star Shryke, Star Corvette, Star Valkyrie, Star Mamba, Star Wraith, G Star Shryke, Star Mako3, Champion Thunderbird, R-Pro Pig, DX Mamba, KC Pro Roc, Glow DX Roc, *ColorGlow DX Aviar3*, Glow DX Aviar, G Star Wraith, Champion Wraith, Blizzard Wraith, Star Tern, DX Stingray, Star Sidewinder, Champion Roadrunner, *Luster Rhyno*, Champion Mamba, Star Katana, Blizzard Destroyer



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