Ulibarri Captain’s Raptor – Discraft


2021 Captain’s Raptor Release: 2/4/22

Very Overstable Limited Edition Driver

Speed/Skill 9 | Glide 3 | Turn 1 | Fade 4 = 2.4 Stability Rating

  • Discrafts Captain’s Raptor is a modified-overstable Raptor¬†released only once per year
  • Ran in a special blend of Z plastic it was inspired by Team Captain Paul Ulibarri
  • Meant for Pros and highly advanced players, it will be great in high wind situations (all are 173g+) or for a utility disc

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Spinners Says...

Discraft and Paul worked together to “beef up” his signature model Raptor and came up with the Ulibarri Captain’s Raptor! Starting with a great sidearm driver, it was tweaked to make it even more overstable to help cut through tight woods with accuracy. Flight ratings of 9|4|0|3 was changed to 9|3|1|4 giving big arms even more control when scrambling.

This will be a once per year, limited edition release with the stamp changing every year. Order these quickly because once they are gone, that’s it until the following year.




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